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Fire Fighter Entrance Examination

Over 30 year of research confirms that firefighter success demands more than a candidate's ability to read and score high on an I.Q. test.

Interpersonal skills, motivation, rule conformity and respect for authority are a few of the components which must be taken into consideration when evaluating a fire candidate.

With the advent of computer technology, PCI Fire Division has developed a practical and cost-effective process capable of combining critical personality traits with job-critical dimensions of reading and listening. The result is a powerful instrument which pinpoints the good candidate while targeting the potential problem employee.

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Promotional Examinations

Each module is based upon a separate recognized and recent text which is quickly available from book publishers. All of the IFSTA series are included as well as major sources.

Our examinations are pre-tested in the field. Written tests are regularly updated to ensure fairness and acceptance by your candidates. Our general job-knowledge tests are designed for the widest possible application to fire departments nationwide. Most examinations contain between 100 and 200 items that require from 2 to 3 hours to administer.

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Oral Interviews

These group procedures are validated and computer-scored. Post-test statistical analysis ensures accuracy. Your judges can be trained in 6 to 8 hours or, if you prefer, we can supply pre-trained sworn officers as judges. The process is effective for both entrance and promotions. The speed and efficiency of these interviews make them particularly attractive at entry level.

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Individual Psychological Assessments

Covering a full range of intellectual and emotional standards, these several page reports feature unequivocal recommendations. Interpretation is always available without charge through direct contact with our "psych labs".

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