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Multiple Interview Assessment


The Multiple Interview Assessment technique, (MIA), is a structured, small group assessment process that allows from 2 to 5 raters of your choice to score 8 dimensions of behavior for 4 to 7 candidates at a time. Average assessment time per group is less than 40 minutes.

The MIA process is very objective and is derived from rigorous validation research. It is behavior-based and defensible. The process itself removes much of the bias and uncertainty common to traditional oral interviews and maintains a constant standard between groups. Your raters can be trained in one day at your location by our consultants. PCI can provide trained raters when necessary. Raters employ special questions and rating forms developed by PCI. Results are scored by computer with 72 hour turnaround. The computer report for each candidate includes a total score, as well as graphic representations of subscores for each dimensions.

Full scale specific validation and weighting by regression is an option. Statistical analysis of each judge's rating, including inter-judge reliabilities and impact analysis by race or sex is also available.

The precision of the MIA is well beyond the limited accuracy of subjective traditional interview processes. Due to the nature of the validation process, the MIA is only offered in conjunction with PCI designed written examinations.


The MIA is designed to serve as a replacement for, or adjunct to, the traditional oral interview. It is especially valuable when an objective, quantifiable score is required or when large volumes of candidates must be screened.

Eight major dimensions have been carefully defined and thoroughly researched. Extensive field testing has resulted in appropriate time limits, questions and standardized categorization of applicant responses. The dimensions are:

The MIA can be scored in a number of ways. Job content analysis by your own staff can establish category subweights. Specific concurrent criterion validation is also possible featuring simple or factored criteria to generate by multiple linear regression.


The charge for the one day rater training is fifteen hundred dollars, (U.S. currency). MIA reports are $25.00 per applicant tested. Judges are certified by diploma upon completion of training. Consultant travel is reimbursed by user agency.

Additional validation or research by individual bid.


MIA dimensions are routinely defined in terms associated with the user department on special forms provided by PCI. When the dimensions are 'instantiated' by behaviors from specific analysis performed by local job experts, the MIA can be said to possess a measure of 'face', or 'content' validity.

The constructs of the MIA dimensions have been construct/criterion validated against recognized personality & listening and mental abilities measures (N=141, p<.005).

In several concurrent designs independent MIA dimensions were significantly correlated to logically expected criteria in the desired directions.

One major study revealed that candidates who score high on the MIA procedures tend to be stable individuals who have balanced reading & listening abilities and subscribe to society's goals in general.

In yet another study, a battery of psychological tests were administered to actual applicants who were also MIA subjects. The concurrence between psychologist’s face-to-face impressions and test interpretation correlated highly with MIA scores.

Full specific validation is available as an option. PCI recommends the concurrent/criterion methodology.

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