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New Generation Police Entrance Examination

This Triple Screen entrance test responds to the changing demands of modern law enforcement. Able to predict academy and field training success as well as long term job proficiency, this 2 page report includes a background investigation guide and a candidate "admissions" section. Composed of both intelligence and aptitude measures, it represents the best and most accurate blend of law enforcement abilities and job related mental capacities.

Results promptly provided to the client.

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Promotional Examinations

Pre-validated test modules based upon current widely accepted texts are matched to your local job descriptions. Local validation involving your command staff is available to assure the fullest measure of acceptance and accuracy. These examinations are always fully secure and scored by our staff.

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Oral Interviews

These group procedures are validated and computer-scored. Post-test statistical analysis ensures accuracy. Your judges can be trained in 6 to 8 hours or, if you prefer, we can supply pre-trained sworn officers as judges. The process is effective for both entrance and promotions. The speed and efficiency of these interviews make them particularly attractive at entry level.

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Individual Psychological Assessments

Covering a full range of intellectual and emotional standards, these several page reports feature unequivocal recommendations. Interpretation is always available without charge through direct contact with our "psych labs".

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