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About PCI

Founded in 1968, under one of the first police psychologists in the United States, the firm established initial distinction by pioneering the use of computers in scientifically predicting success as a law enforcement officer.

The research, started in Chicago, directed the way to the future of state of the art screening that combined job related basic mental abilities with core aptitudes and attitudes. Aided by the award of federal grants and partnerships with major academic institutions, a new improved perspective on screening gained prominence 15 years ahead of its time. Accuracy improved dramatically as impact against protected classes dropped.

As the era of civil rights litigation gained prominence, Police Consultants distinguished itself as the first in federal court with compelling evidence of validity and legal defensibility.

The firm's research credentials partnered with its considerable legal acumen founded the benchmark by which modern consultancy is measured. A Fire Division was established to employ the same technologies that were so successful in law enforcement.

When subjective oral interviews became the targets of litigation, PCI was the first to develop a validated, computer-scored behavior based assessment process that combined the positive merits of assessment centers with state of the art statistical analysis. This technology spread to 29 states in less than 6 months and has been lauded nationally and remains undefeated legally for 30 years.

Promotional testing is one of the most prominent areas of controversy and litigation nationally. Police Consultants was the first firm to offer post-test statistical validity analysis of results and to offer local transport validation of police-designed job knowledge examinations. Full custom design of written examinations is also available. For both police and fire.

The firm retains pre-trained sworn police and fire personnel from multiple states to assist with interviews or testing as required. We specialize in union interaction and rules and procedures and have advised and assisted larger law firms nationally with expert testimony in police personnel matters. We are also specialists in national accreditation compliance.

For agencies which require entry level psychological assessments, our local psych lab currently serves 5 states. All assessments are fully compliant with controlling case-law and feature firm and defensible findings in compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities) standards.

As a full range consulting firm, every procedural aspect of the agency's needs are explored as a part of our complimentary services. We will work with your lawyers on any areas of concern and co-analyze any policies or merit body rules for compliance with federal law.